Be Together

When we think of Christmas or any other holiday that we may celebrate, we think of hopping in the car or train or plane with treats and presents to deliver to loved ones. We think about feeling safe and warm snuggled up with friends and family while eating to our heart’s content. 

For most of us, being together and gathering with people never required much consideration or creativity. It was just a part of everyday life, like the weather or Taylor Swift or Oprah. It’s so bizarre how quickly things change!

Even though meeting up with people outside of your home is inadvisable at this time, there are plenty of ways to capture the spirit and feeling of being close without being “physically” close. You can start by setting the tone in your space. 

When you feel like a roaming leopard, but...

The current census is that we all want to flee our homes like there’s a fire. Anywhere but home! An igloo in Yukon or a hut on a sparsely inhabited island would be better. We’re sick of being home. But alas, now is not the time to let our guards down. 

With a little creative genius and not much work, you can metamorphose your living zone. Splurge a little and have fun with it. Get wild, trade neutral tones for color. Add a few super soft blankets and coffee table books. Make sure to include loud music and dancing to help you stay focused and motivated.

Plants? Sure, why not! Leafy greens are superb for air purification and creature-comforts, but make sure they’re safe for Meow-Meow and Milo. And lastly, liven up those walls without having to paint or wallpaper. An expressive piece of art will revamp and add depth to a room. You know how much we love our canvas art!

Want to be with your flock...

How does sprucing up my home or purchasing an air-fryer help alleviate the nagging feeling of isolation and allow me to feel closer to my family? So glad you asked!

First of all, retail therapy is a thing; we all know this. Secondly, you know how after you've been at the beach all day, you're all covered in sand and a little sunburned, and nothing on the planet feels better than taking a relaxing shower?

Thirdly and probably the most compelling is modifying your decor gives you an activity that stimulates your brain and simulates all of the prepping you would typically do for guests, only this time it's for video chats. You can still show off your rejuvenated digs!

Or herd...

We're currently in that time when people are still shopping for presents, starting to bake holiday cookies and pies and trim their trees. Traditionally we enjoy these endeavors with friends while sipping on hot chocolate or having a snack at the mall. 

Schedule an online shopping trip with a few pals. To make it somewhat realistic, swap product photos and gift idea suggestions. Following a less congested bargain hunting day, retire to the family room to decorate the aromatic botanic, a time-honored festivity of joy.

Send a list of ingredients and recipes through email and set up a Zoom baking class for your friends who need a little assistance in the cooking department. Munch on some snacks and cocktails as you relish in the company of missed companions. 

Reach Out

Doing a quick Face-Time call with your parents or cousins is pleasant, but why not make it feel like you're all together? We were thinking of opening presents, cooking, and eating dinner together, all while on a video-chat. Prop up your laptop or iPad in the family room or kitchen and share in the experience. Technology makes this possible, so why not take advantage. 

We understand that not everyone is in a jovial and celebratory mood. Life has been quite unpredictable and challenging for many of us over the last year. A group chat environment may provoke a feeling of claustrophobia, much like walking through Times Square on a Saturday evening (during non-pandemic times). 

For you, a quiet intimate chat, and some fragrant candles, with one close friend or family member can release the stress a bit and elicit a sense of well-being.

Until we can be together again!

Let us not forget a more conventional avenue of communication. If immediate gratification is of no consequence, letter writing is a means of contact for those appreciative of this artform. Choose your stationery and a favorite instrument, and pour your thoughts onto paper! Receiving a personal letter in the mail is rare and will genuinely brighten someone's day. 

Our daily means of dialogue, texting, and email are adequate, but an attempt to make a day or several days special will create lifelong memories because who is going to forget this year...IMPOSSIBLE!


In Other News