Easy Ways to Make Your Home a Little More Hygge

The cold months are fast approaching and, with them, the mad-dash through the end of the year. The holidays are just on the horizon and, even though it’s a little early, we at Fine Art Canvas have started scouring the web for upcoming trends.

We’ve been closely following the hype surrounding the hygge decor. This trend arrived stateside a few years ago, but it’s by no means something new. People have been going nuts for this Scandinavian life and decor style concept since 2017 and it seems the hype isn’t going anywhere this fall and winter season.

Hygge (pronounced “hyoo-ge” or “hue-guh”, if you prefer), encompasses the pleasant feeling of coziness and contentment one gets from life’s simple pleasures or by indulging in something decadent. Anything can be hygge, from sweatpants to doilies, but some common similarities among staples of this lifestyle are things that make you happy and everything and anything comforting. 

Hygge is a big deal in Denmark where it’s as part of the Danish national identity as freedom to Americans and hockey to Canadians. The fall and winter months see increased sales in sweets and other small luxuries, and they make it a point to spend more time with friends and family doing things they enjoy.

It’s no wonder that the philosophy’s taken the world by storm—who doesn’t love treating themselves once in a while?

We’ve come up with 5 tips to make your home a little more hygge-friendly. These tips and various items all focus on helping you embrace this cozy Scandinavian style and turning your home into a warm and cozy Danish wonderland. These pointers should go perfectly with your newly fall-styled room and will help you transition clear through to winter. 

Read on to find out how you can incorporate hygge interior design and hygge home decor into your everyday life and make your space a cozy oasis:

Keep your linen cabinets well stocked

Since hygge is primarily a winter lifestyle it’s no wonder that keeping yourself warm and cozy is a key feature. 

Channel hygge in your space by using layered blankets, rugs, and pillows to develop a comfortable, nest-like atmosphere. To take advantage of this tip keep your linen closets, cabinets, or bins near to bursting with a variety of different textures, styles, and materials for you to play with.

Use the tips we discussed last week and experiment with different combos to play up certain elements or textures in your room. Don’t think too much while you’re playing or, if you just can’t help it, try matching separate pieces together for a more cohesive look.  

Curate your art for that warm and fuzzy feeling

Hygge involves creating a seasonally appropriate atmosphere and an easy way to do that is by swapping out your art. 

Opt for warm or neutral colors to match the rest of your decor and inspirational or scenic subjects for a boost and some natural woodsy vibes. Think Scandinavian wall decor with an emphasis on coziness and nature.

We thought that this wild family perfectly embodied the maxims of the ultimate hygge house which is why we decided to style this room around it! Here we arranged this neutral-colored room with this darling print by artist Miguel Dominguez. The bright green of the cactus in the room bring out the warm green tones in the grass, while the trio of bears mirrors the browns of the natural wood elements scattered throughout. 

Follow our lead and copy the way we styled this room or go your own way! Trust your eyes and your gut, and you’re guaranteed to arrive at something spectacular.

Ditch over-head lighting

Overhead lighting is a bit of a catch 22: they’re convenient, but they can cast stark, unflattering shadows over your interior design and your guests. Depending on what kind of fixtures and bulbs you use, they can make your space feel impersonal and aloof which is the exact opposite of what we’re after when designing with hygge in mind! 

What’s more, they’re no fun! If you haven’t taken the plunge and explored the world of lighting, now’s your opportunity. There are so many options out there and so many different styles, it’s almost as fun as shopping for art and home decor.

We love the look of candles and twinkle lights this fall and winter. They’re incredibly festive and they add a unique warmth to a space that’s simply without compare. If open flames are a concern, consider picking up a few lantern-style displays or investing in flameless candles that mimic the look and feel of real candles without the fire hazard. 

More is more

Scandinavian home decor focuses on clean lines and neutral colors. The use of layers and textures are major elements of this decor style, and the mix of these concepts all together help to create an inviting and cozy space. Bearing this in mind, Scandinavian home decor is all about simplicity, and it generally discourages excess “clutter”.

Since hygge is about making your space feel cozy and nest-like it should come as no surprise that this ideology is a little at odds with traditional Scandinavian decor. Hygge home decor encourages excess and indulgence. There is no such thing as a “guilty pleasure” in hygge, only pleasures, and you’re highly encouraged to go seek them out! 

One way to go about this maximalist idea is to stuff your rooms with all the things that delight and excite you. Gather all your favorite decor pieces from years and seasons past and assemble them together in a way that looks best to you. Keep doing this until you come to a version of your room that feels cozy and inviting, then sit back and enjoy it. 

Choose things that “spark joy”

We admit hygge is pretty much the complete opposite of Marie Kondo’s purpose-driven, meditative minimalism, but the one thing they do have in common is the cultivation of things that “spark joy”. 

Hygge is nothing if not all about doing what makes you happy. Whether that’s in regards to activities or aesthetic choices, you are in complete control of what goes in and out of your space. 

Don’t be afraid to get rid of things that have lost their metaphorical “spark” for you. If it doesn’t enrich your experience within a space, and if it doesn’t bring you joy, put it away or give it to someone else. This will free up space and give you an opportunity to explore new and exciting pieces to furnish your room. 

If you come away with anything from this blog post, we hope it’s that making your room the ultimate hygge wonderland comes down to personal preference and dedication to the qualities a hyggelig (lit.: coziness/kindness/hygge) lifestyle. Even if you’re not ready to commit to the hygge hype 100% we can still take a few cues from the Danes and practice being cozy, happy, and, most important of all, content this fall and winter season. 

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