Expressions of Gratitude for Amazing Canvas Art

We here at Fine Art Canvas are thankful for so much in our lives this year. We have our loving families, loyal and adoring pets, and enough resources to get us through trying times.

We're also filled with gratitude to spend our careers around such striking pieces of canvas art and some of the artists that create these lovely images. Many of us work at home or homeschool our children these days; we're appreciative of the aesthetics that enrich and add ambiance to our space.

Our crew would like to give thanks for pieces that trigger an emotion, touch our souls, and make our house a home for the second year running.

Andres  Social "Meme"-ia Superstar

"Let’s face it; Vincent van Gogh was a man ahead of his time and one of the most famous painters today. Works like “The Starry Night” and “Sunflowers” can be found pretty much anywhere. While I appreciate those pieces, I’m not one who revels in art, though it’s not for lack of thinking “art is important” or that it should be appreciated. I need something that elicits a true reaction from me, and “Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette” just does it for me. It just feels like someone is laid bare and present, unimpaired by any masks or distracting illusions from what one truly is. That and it feels like a very modern piece that’s aged well 130+ years later."

Angel  Accounts and Snacks Rep

"Not very many pieces of art resonate with me personally. I find that I lean hard toward the artwork itself, the details, and the difficulty of its creation. The types of tools and techniques used to create certain effects and shapes or the colors used. I do not lean towards "Why" an artist chose the subject matter, their use of specific colors, or certain techniques.

Starry Night was the first painting to resonate with me when I was a child. I associated this painting with my dreams or maybe dreams in general, the fluidity and transitioning of them. I suppose that this specific art piece will always remind me that there is more to see if I can broaden my perception.

Also, I loved it, even more, when I found that it was created during Van Gogh's stay at an asylum. Maybe I felt validated with my dreamscape interpretation."

Ashley  Literary Mastermind

"I've been staying in a lot, so I've found it necessary to play around with the look of my space. The easiest way I've found to do that is by swapping out whatever art I have hanging on my walls. This idyllic picture of a house facade makes me feel like I'm taking a stroll in Europe and helps me forget all the craziness going on in the world right now...which is something I'm very grateful for."

Eddie  Photographer Extraordinaire

"The Great Wave Canvas Art, initially painted by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, is hands down my favorite canvas print.

As a fan of Hokusai's series "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" and all art from the late Edo period in general, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" has become one of the most recognizable art pieces to come from Japan. It amazes me how such a historic masterpiece from the early 1830s can withstand the test of time and relevance to be printed for our homes today in such excellent quality by Fine Art Canvas."

Lori  Office Doctor

"The very second I laid eyes on "Kiss for Srini," I fell in love. Elephants are such intelligent, devoted, and social creatures; it truly breaks my heart that they have become endangered due to hunting and poaching. With nuzzling birds and a joyful elephant, this canvas print defines the importance of protecting and saving our planet."

Steph  She who Dons Many Hats

"Mm, I'm just really fascinated by the moon and its association with emotions and the personal self in astrology. Also, how like the moon, we as humans go through phases. I'm also into anything celestial, and I also love the reddish-brown in the image. Being a goth and all,  I also love the dark-ish theme. "

Tim  Marketing Strategist at Large

"Home is where the heart is. This beautiful painting from Synthia SAINT JAMES is the perfect picture of an island that always reminds me of my childhood memories." 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our rendition of “show and tell” and that we’ve added a bit of joy and inspiration to your life just in time for the holidays. Tim is correct, home is where the heart is. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Fine Art Canvas and please stay healthy and safe!

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