Father’s Day Tip: Match the Man Cave to the Man with These 5 Canvas Prints

Father's Day, a holiday imagined by Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of a war veteran, was first celebrated in Washington State on Sunday, June 19, 1910. In 1972 President Richard Nixon signed Father's Day into law as a National Holiday.

So every year, we in the United States celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, and somehow every year, we find ourselves frantically scratching our collective heads for gift ideas for dear old dad. Well, let's take a step back and breathe for a moment and tap deep into your creative thinking neurons.Aside from being the man who collaborated with mom to give you life, feed you, and keep you from seriously injuring yourself as a child, who is this person we call dad? What does he love besides you, of course? To help guide you in your search for an appropriate gift that best suits sir patriarch's personality, we've selected five canvas prints and some styling suggestions for dad's man cave getaway.

The "Fly" Fisherman

As a child, you vividly recall dad jumping out of bed on Saturday mornings with the zest of a newly adopted puppy. Saturdays were his dedicated fishing day, and few life events would pull him away from taking his beloved boat out on the lake to catch whatever was biting that day.

Fast forward to 2021, and little has changed. Now, dad has convinced mom to turn an old bedroom into his very own bait and tackle outlet equipped with all of the creature comforts available, including a mini-fridge with beer and snacks. He is also pretty proud of his decorating skills and color palette choice and considers himself quite contemporary.

One day you go for a visit and notice yes, he may have every lure and fishing pole on the market, but his walls are utterly bare. Luckily, you were scanning the internet and happened upon wall art that will surely elicit a smile, "The Best Days Are Spent Fishing." 

The Grillin' Guru

This man has a love affair with his barbeque grill. He spends hours at the store carefully choosing perfectly marbled meats, in-season seafood, veggies, and spices to create savory sauces and rubs. His motto is if it's edible, it's grillable!

He keeps his grill in tip-top shape and shiny in his screened-in Florida room, built conveniently off the well-stocked kitchen. However, during one of your recent visits to try out his grilled sea cucumber, you notice a glaring empty space on his kitchen wall. Decorating was never his forte, so you realize you must take over this task.

What sort of wall decor would look good on that location and is not frilly flowers? How about a silhouette of a pig and an announcement for "Dad's Homegrown Barbeque?" Done! You cannot wait to see what he thinks. He'll probably think this as a sign to open his own barbeque cantina. Hey, why not?

The Man with a Mad Backswing

Plenty of our fathers have weekly designated golfing days with their colleagues and friends to show off their incremental improvements in technique. And then there's that one guy who only seems to get worse and happens to be your sweet and loving father.

Oh boy, does he try! Such a sad case of all heart and no talent! The man just loves the sport but plays golf like Happy Gilmore, and your greatest fear is he's going to dislocate a disk in his back from his overly enthusiastic backswing. All you can do is be supportive of his efforts.

His home office is less about work than it is about golf. He has multiple sets of clubs, a few trophies that he earned more out of sympathy than skill and books, loads and loads of how-to golf books, and canvas prints that have been there for 20 years. Refresh his "office" with Karen Williams' Golf wall art. Maybe the upgrade will trigger an improvement in his game. Wishful thinking. 

The Guitar Tamer

You loved camping as a child, even if it was only dad setting up a tent in the backyard and building a small fire for s'mores. But you're absolute favorite part of every trip is when dad would take out his guitar and come up with funny improv songs. You would laugh for hours until eventual exhaustion from the day's events would overtake you.

In recent years, at the urging of you and your siblings, dad decided to take his love of playing the guitar on the road, three miles from his house, to the local bar and grill. Dad's no Kurt Cobain, but he has some decent guitar solos and thoughtful lyrics.

Though he doesn't have an extra room in his apartment for instruments and a recording studio, he does have plenty of blank space on those stark white walls crying out for some pops of color. We think Gibson by artist Dean Russo, known for his vibrantly colored images of dogs, would work wonders in dad's dwelling.

The Classic Car Collector

It wasn't until adulthood that you got to experience the luxury of owning and traveling around in a new car. Your father was the quintessential antique car collector and felt that it was against his proverbial religion to purchase anything less than a thirty-year-old car.

Used car shopping wasn't necessarily your ideal pastime, like going to the beach, but you admired your father and his passion for his hobby, and truth be told, you sure did learn a lot about cars. Dad went over every mechanical detail and explained the importance of good body design and materials.

After retiring from a lifetime of hard work, he now flips classic cars for a little extra money and fun. His most recent project was expanding his garage to accommodate all of the vehicles he's currently refurbishing. The space looks lovely. It needs something to give it a little personality and break up the current black and white motif. May we suggest Vintage, an art deco-inspired canvas print by David Chestnutt? The blue, red, and yellow color arrangement will be a welcomed addition.

Our fathers are all so unique, and we've spent our lives following them around, learning from them, and feeling safe and protected in their care. Now it's our time to express to dad that we see him and understand who he is through the gift of colorful art.

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