Featured Artist: See how conceptual photographer Joel Robison can alter your sense of reality

Joel Robison is a photographer who isn't afraid to step out of his comfort zone to explore and experiment with spatial effects, shadow, and light, along with incorporating painted objects to tell a story that eclipses what is tangible. Almost entirely self-taught in his craft, Robison started what was only thought of as a hobby in the late aughts after buying a camera to learn the basic technical ins and outs of photography.

During this time, Joel stumbled upon Flickr, the photo management site where people share their concepts and works. Flickr was the catalyst that opened the photographer's eyes to the limitless possibilities of what he could create.

Yes to Yellow

Here, Robison perused the evocative works of other artists and photographers who challenge themselves to expand their imagination and dedicate their talents and passion for creating expressive pieces. For someone from a small town, social media and sharing his work with people from other locations helped him feel a sense of community.

Joel never lacked in photogenic fodder for developing and furthering his skills, being from the idyllic town of Cranbrook, British Columbia. Picturesque farmland, serene lakes, and rivers running through forests of tall green pines are all cradled in the arms of the grand Canadian Rockies. It was here, fittingly enough, that Robison took that life-altering photo.  

Stepping Up

On a cold, snowy day in January, Mr. Robison decided to participate in an online theme day. Coca-Cola, which happens to be one of Joel's favorite brands, was the day's theme. So he went into the frigid Canadian air to take snapshots of soda bottles in the snow, like an unofficial advertisement. Joel posted the frosty bottled images and received numerous positive comments.

It took just about two years of this image floating around the web to grab someone's attention at Coke, but it did, and the company reached out! After completing an array of pictures for the brand, Coke offered Joel the opportunity of a lifetime to join the 2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour as lead photographer. He accepted.

Valued Vacation

Joel left his life in Canada for a bit to travel to eighty-five countries in nine months, shooting royalty, sports figures, and everyday people playing football. Joel rapidly transitioned from photography as a leisurely pursuit to a full-time photographer.

The experience put his life on a different trajectory from his peers, who were getting married and having children. Joel left his home country and eventually moved to the United Kingdom. Traveling the world broadened his mind. He could now say that India is one of his favorite countries because of the friendly people, colorful sights, smells, and London, an extraordinary city because of the dichotomy of the well-manicured landmarks and graffiti art.

 Upward & Uplift

Joel teaches photography workshops and has taught over 900 students in 10 countries, worked for other big brands, including FIFA, Yahoo, Adobe, and Oprah Magazine. To assist other creatives in overcoming artistic obstacles, Joel wrote a book called Create Yourself.

The future for Robison is far-reaching. Some of his future projects include producing a book with his unique images paired with entertaining background stories and nature themes.

  Solitary Cycle

We love to get caught up in Joel Robison's dynamic world of whimsy. Each image puts us in a trance away from our day-to-day reality. Expect a glorious decor transformation upon hanging one of his canvas prints on your wall.


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