We Can't Wait For You to Discover this Artist's Colorful World

Megan Duncanson is a self-taught contemporary artist blessed with a rare gift: she sees the world with new eyes every day, and her paintings allow us to do the same. Our collection of her art has introduced her eclectic, upbeat vision to a vast variety of interiors and settings—a dream of hers since childhood.

The wonder of new worlds waiting to be discovered each day play across Duncanson’s canvas in joyful forms and colors. Her favorite, she says, is purple. “Interestingly enough, whenever I use deep, rich shades of purple in my paintings, the art always attracts much more attention. Coincidence or not, it’s kind of cool!” The perfect example is her canvas, “Free At Last”—a vibrant abstract in the spirit of Paul Klee, dominated by various shades from violet to purple.

An avid paddle-boarder, hiker, cyclist, and mountain biker, Duncanson developed her own line of cycling apparel featuring her light-hearted artwork before devoting herself to a full-time career as an artist. Today, she’s on the move, finding inspiration in the secluded bush country of Alaska, the lush foliage of Hawaii and Florida, and so much more. Describing herself as “a bit of a loner most of the time,” Duncanson tools around the USA in a customized van serving as both home and studio and accompanied by her trusty cat, Mikee.


Duncanson’s favorite part of road-tripping is seeing sunsets from a different place every day. She says, “nature is the driving force behind my current art and has always been an important aspect of all my art. I love anything and everything colorful, so of course, sunsets are at the top of my inspiration list.”

In addition to solar inspiration, the artist often incorporates moons and circles as an anchoring motif in her pieces. “I love circles and how they represent infinite time and space,” Duncanson explains, “so I like to incorporate moons, suns, bubbles, and random circles in a lot of my art.”

Being a nature-lover, Duncanson says, “All of my recent art is centered around animals and nature, particularly endangered or threatened species. I feel compelled to bring attention to the plight of our planet, but through a positive message of light, beauty and conservation.” Her playful images of dancing leaves, swirling clouds, or the flashing stripes of a zebra’s hide remind us of the preciousness of our brief time together on this big blue marble we call home.

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