Want to Feel Empowered? Featured Artist, Synthia SAINT JAMES, Can Help!

Synthia SAINT JAMES has one goal in life...to make you feel joy!  SAINT JAMES takes great pleasure in elevating people through the use of vibrant colors in her paintings, and to educate people on the world’s vast and diverse cultures.  When discussing her artistic abilities, James states, “I really think it was a gift from the creator, and I also think that with that gift comes responsibility.”  

SAINT JAMES is serious about using her powers for good and has spent time teaching children with various chronic illnesses how to manage their pain through art. “I like to share, and I like to work with a lot of nonprofits and other organizations to encourage and help. I am not money rich at all, “ she stated in a previous interview. 

Our featured artist was born on February 11, 1949, in temperate Los Angeles, CA, and when not painting, speaking, or writing, Synthia enjoys Chinese food, spending time on the island of Tahiti, and the summer weather.  

Ms. SAINT JAMES is a visual artist who finds her creative inspiration in experiencing and studying the lives of multi-cultural subject matters and highly esteemed individuals.  A non-exhaustive list of themes explored throughout her works includes the traditions and deities of Haitian Voodoo and Afro-Brazilian religions, Himalayan culture, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

The artistic career of SAINT JAMES as an African American artist took flight for the first time in 1969 with the sale of a painting to a co-worker in New York City.  Since then, her success in the corporate and artistic worlds has been frequent and fruitful: she designed the first Kwanzaa stamp for the United States Postal Service, designed the cover of Terry McMillan's book, Waiting to Exhale, a play, a monologue, 27 adult and children’s books, and a myriad of vibrant paintings, all over five decades. Upon reviewing the artist's extensive body of work, it becomes quite clear that she has a deep thirst for knowledge and higher education, which earned her an honorary doctorate from Saint Augustine’s University. SAINT JAMES believes that empowering people through their accomplishments is the message conveyed through her works like Onward and Upward.  

Additionally, Ms. SAINT JAMES hosts lectures and is the chosen keynote speaker at many universities and colleges across the country.  This accomplished woman has also amassed countless awards and recognitions, including the Women of Vision Award Black Women Lawyers 1998, Oppenheim Gold Award 2001, and the Trumpet Award-The Arts 2010.

Having her works celebrated and exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world, SAINT JAMES finds herself admired by many influential and future leaders throughout the arts and academia.  A former student of Synthia’s from Simmons College Class of 2015, ascribed, “A leader is passionate, open-minded, creative, adventurous, and able to embrace their mistakes and humility.  Dr. Saint James is the epitome of those characteristics.”  

Synthia has bestowed upon us an inspiring quote that is very much in line with her visual creations, and joie de vivre “Life is Magnificent!!! Accept, Release, Relax, and Enjoy it!”  We invite you to dive into the vast and spirited SAINT JAMES collection to choose prints that speak to your soul. 


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