Top 9 Home Design Trends for Spring 2019

Looking to change up your home design this Spring? It may feel like a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

We compiled a list of 9 home design trends that will refresh your style and establish you as a top trendsetter for 2019.

Let’s get started!


The cool thing about indigo is that it paves the way for lots of experimentation. It’s so versatile, that it’s really hard to go wrong!

You can use indigo in a bunch of different ways that will set totally different vibes.

If you choose to go all out with indigo walls and large indigo accessories, you’ll set a dark, moody tone.

But, indigo as an accent is light and uplifting!

Indigo can be mixed with pretty much any color. You can pair it with soft colors for a more traditional look, or you can pair it with bold colors for a bit of a modern twist.

Here are some examples of colors you can use, and the effects they will have on your space:


White is always classy and elegant. If you’re going for something sophisticated, white and indigo conveys nobility or royalty.


Earthy browns will create a relaxing vibe. If you reserve your home for calming you down after a long day, this is a great choice.


Chartreuse is a bold choice that will really draw the eye. It contrasts with indigo in such a way that both command attention without overpowering the other.


Yellow is almost always an energetic choice, just like the light of the sun. It will uplift your space, while the indigo prevents the yellow from commanding too much attention. The contrast is soothing and uplifting.


Orange and indigo creates a striking and modern appearance. The top modern trends are really bold, and this palette is no exception. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, don’t be afraid to stray here!


If you want to stick with cool colors, indigo pairs well with just about any shade of blue. This palette can create a landscape at night kind of aesthetic.

You can also try pairing it with a primary color scheme, which is a trending palette this year. This adds a lot of interest and variety to your home decor, while remaining a safe option. It is very modern and very eye-catching.

We recommend these blue canvas pieces with an indigo palette to capture the Spring aesthetic: (6, 7 lookbook)

Bold Patterns

Go bold or go home, because bold patterns are in!

Mixing patterns can be intimidating, but there are some basic rules you can follow to ensure that you do it right!

Odd Number Rule

When mixing patterns, always go with an odd number. Generally speaking, 3 or 5 are the magic numbers. Add variation to your patterns using a variety of scale sizes.

For instance, when combining a pattern of three, choose a primary pattern for large pieces, a mid-sized pattern for bigger accents, and another pattern for small accents.

When using a pattern of 5, you can choose one primary, and two different patterns for mid-sized, and another two for small accents.

Bottom line, make sure you choose one primary bold pattern to tie your other pattern choices together, in order to create a cohesive look.

Choosing a Palette

Choose a palette that you love, whether that’s a wide variety of colors, or tone-on-tone.

Tone-on-tone patterns can look great if you have a good variance of patterns.

For example, if you love indigo, you can have three different patterns with the same indigo tone. This can provide intrigue without overwhelm, especially if you’re a little nervous to mix patterns AND colors!

But, if you add other pieces of different colors, you’ll add some extra vibrancy to your decor. Again, bold is in this year!

Maybe you think you want to mix some colors, but you feel a little nervous. When in doubt, choose white! White goes with any color.

If you’re not a fan of white though, it’s hard to go wrong with another neutral base- whether that’s gray, earthy tans, or black.

A good rule of thumb is to mix colors that have the same intensity. So, if you want muted colors, make every pattern a muted color. If you want pastel, go all pastel. If you want bold, go bold, and so on.

Pattern Styles

You can’t go wrong with flowers in the springtime, so try some floral patterns! Bold floral prints capture a feminine vibe that can reflect your personality and aesthetic.

Geometric patterns are a huge home design trend for 2019. If you’re not sure which pattern you want to go with, but you want something modern, this is the way to go.

Bohemian patterns never go out of style, so this is also a safe bet.

Another big trend this year is tropical. So, patterned leaves are a great option. Plus, they mix wonderfully with florals! Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Try pairing this abstract canvas piece with your patterns! If you like horizontal stripes, this will brilliantly accent your pattern choices.

Tribal Design

Are you a travel enthusiast?

Or simply a fan of world cultures?

Bohemian style pieces convey a cultured aesthetic.

Tribal design has been one of the biggest home design trends for a few years now, and it is showing no signs of slowing down!

Whether you go for mud cloth patterned rugs, traditional pottery, or hanging decor, the list is endless and we can take solace in the fact that it doesn’t seem to be exiting the style guides any time soon!

This Asian elephant can make a great addition to Bohemian style decor, showing off an intricate patterned aesthetic with its vibrant green and yellows.  

Distressed/Reclaimed/Recycled Wood

Add a little rustic flair to your modern home decor with reclaimed wood.

It’s good for the environment, which is always in style, and embellishes an otherwise modern look with a funky woodsy twist. Contemporary style is all about the surprises!

Pair your rugged wood pieces with this gracious elk to accent your backdoorsy elements.


It doesn’t matter where you live- beach vibes are always welcome.

Whether you’re going for a modern or cottage style, a coastal theme can fit any era you want to represent. The choices are endless!

If you don’t want to get too crazy with color, coastal decor is a great choice, thanks to its easy two-toned appearance.

White and blue are the classic coastal colors, but you can dress it up a bit more, if you choose. Indigo, kelp green, deep navy, grays, and soft tans can all accent your coastal aesthetic.

You can add some classic nautical pieces to embellish your walls or tabletop decor. You’re also going to want casual furniture to give your home those lazy beach vacay feelings. The best furniture materials are
wicker, wood, or other natural fibers. Coastal decorating is as easy as the feelings they instill.

Pair these canvas prints with your coastal style!

Mixed Metal

It doesn’t get more trendy than mixed metal decor. You can be modern OR traditional with mixed metal, ensuring its versatility.

With contemporary versus classic, it’s all about the finish of the metal:

Oily Finish - Dark and antiquated.

Brushed or Satin Finish -​ Dark and subdued.

Polished Finish -​ Smooth, silky, and modern.

For mixed metals, just like mixing patterns, you want to choose one dominant metal and one or two accents.

The key is to balance a warm metal with a cool one. Examples of warm metals are things like gold or copper, while cool metals could be iron or silver.

Make sure you pick a pairing that fits the rest of your home decor.

Also, just like mixing patterns, you want to make sure that your metals are distributed fairly evenly throughout your space.

Your primary metal should match things like your walls or a bigger piece of decor, while your secondary metal should match accents like throw pillows or other adornments.

Black metal is always a nice choice if you’re nervous, since black goes with everything!

And, don’t forget, mixed metals are all about texture, so make sure to add 3-D elements to your mixed metal theme, not just color and art! This will add more dimension and intrigue to your space.

You can even mix metals with patterns and other themes. Interior decorating is an art, so you can use multiple Spring trends to tie everything together.


It doesn’t get more modern than geometric patterns.

With geometric pieces, be sure to balance pattern with color. You don’t want one to overpower the other. If you have shapes that you really love, go with your gut choose those shapes!

But, if you think you may want to explore geometric decor, and you’re not sure where to start, think about the vibe you want to induce. Different shapes convey different feelings:

Curved Angles vs Sharp Angles

Curved angles convey pleasure happiness, and generosity, while sharp or angular shapes are assertive and dynamic. So, curved shapes like circles
induce flowing feelings, such as love, tenderness, affection, and compassion.

Alternatively, squares and other angled shapes indicate strength, power, reliability, and passion.

Check out this abstract portrait of geometric triangles! This piece is perfect for angular geometric decor. 


Botanical decor will, of course, always be hot in the Spring.

This year is no exception! But, this year is all about being bold, so don’t be afraid to be dramatic!

You can double down to match house plants with prints.

The balance is in making your botanical space look natural, yet planned.

Ordered chaos is the game of nature!

This is what allows your to room to pop while staying roomy and inviting.

For patterns, try white or gray with a bold botanical pattern and color.

You can also combine geometric art with a botanical piece for a modern spin: throw pillows, pressed leaf artwork, or even a botanical gallery wall are all tasteful options.

Check out this example of a small botanical gallery wall 10, 11 look book.


Combine your love for botanical decor with the tropical trend this year!

Banana leaves are all the rage. Or, combine tribal with tropical to create something truly unique, ensuring that you’ve got your tropical trend, your tribal trend, and your pattern trend all at once- reflecting an Amazonian style.

Natural wood with green leaves are the staple of the tropical look, and they are easy to customize and make yours.

Tropical birds are also in, like flamingoes or peacocks! 

Putting It All Together

Interior decorating is all about mixing and matching!

So, don’t feel like you have to get stuck in a box!

You can even mix modern with traditional.

The choice is yours, so go explore!

The idea is to make sure that your decor creates a good flow that balances your room, and coordinates which each other to be inspiring and inviting at the same time. We hope these home design trends really helped you capture the many possibilities.

Happy decorating!

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