Women Artists for Women's History Month

It's been an incredible month of celebrating women and their art on Fine Art Canvas. We've explored the expansive canvas collections of Georgia O'Keeffe and even the fantastical worlds of Maggie Vandewalle, all in the name of honoring women's contributions to the art world.

Although March is coming to a close, we still wanted to highlight a few more incredible artists that we thought our readers and faithful customers might enjoy. Some of these names may be new to you, and some might already be familiar with them, but we're confident you'll love everything these women artists create.

Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson is a Salt Lake City native who lives and creates in snowy Alberta, Canada.

Carol feels that she has grown more as a hands-on artist than she ever did as an art student. She says that the lessons she's learned as a professional artist have been invaluable and stretched her abilities far beyond anything she could've imagined. 

Carol's experimental style combines different mediums with digital art to create her diverse looks. Best known for her watercolor botanicals, Carol combines a hint of whimsy and elegance into everything she makes. 

Carol says that "virtually everything I see can inspire a piece of artwork, and it is a marvelous way to look at our world."

Danhui Nai

Danhui Nai was born in mainland China and raised in an artistic household with a sculptor father and painter mother. Nai studied interior design in Paris and New York City and previously worked in the textile industry in Manhattan. 

Her natural passion for art was guided by classical training, which she applies in her California studio to create beautiful, on-trend artwork in various media.

Danhui Nai's impressively varied body of work ranges from effortless botanicals to dreamy abstracts. Each piece has a soft edge that imbues your space with a subtle elegance that makes a huge statement and instantly sparks conversation with friends and family alike.


We've covered Synthia SAINT JAMES a lot in the past. Still, this multi-cultural, award-winning visual artist, author/illustrator, keynote speaker, and educator will always hold a special place in our hearts. 

SAINT JAMES was just five years old when she realized her life's purpose was to be an artist. Since then, Synthia's made it her goal to create art that inspires and gives light to diverse voices and experiences.

A few of Synthia's most notable accomplishments include designing the first Kwanzaa Stamp for the United States Postal Service and creating the cover art for Terry McMillan's book, Waiting to Exhale. Her exuberant style features bold, bright colors, clear silhouettes, and simple shapes that communicate her concepts loud and clear.



As Women's History Month wraps up, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the wonderful things that women artists have done throughout history. The three artists we highlighted today are only a drop in the ocean when it comes to women in art. We hope you've enjoyed reading about their contributions to the art world.

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