5 Must-Have Halloween Canvas Prints for 2021

We are so close to Halloween that we can practically taste the mini candy bars and festive treats!

 In honor of the spooky season, we're sharing some of our top picks that will transform your home sweet home into the terrifying tomb you so desire!

Let the "ghoul" times begin!

This illustration is PURRFECT for setting the tone for the season. The enchanting storybook vibes of this traveling kitty and his cadre of winged friends add a whimsical touch that can be enjoyed year-round to any space. We love the watercolor painting style and the magical imagery and think it's a great print to get you in the mood for October.

Halloween doesn't have to be all about spooky happenings and things that go bump in the night. Give in to your darker or more macabre fascinations and opt for a contemporary take on a classic like this still life by Sophie 6. Skulls have been used for centuries to symbolize death, mortality, and the fleeting delicacy of life. Artists have been fascinated with skulls ever since humanity discovered we all had one of these ivory melons inside of us!

Vintage Halloween decorations have been trending big time for a few years now. There's something delightful about grinning jack o' lanterns, festive black cats, friendly ghosts, and dancing skeletons that puts you in the spirit of the season in a heartbeat. Opt for a black and white photo like this perfectly festive canvas print to try out this particular seasonal style in your home. 

Pumpkins are a must-have seasonal decor item that we all eagerly purchase every year, without fail. You can find these colorful gourds in homes, stores, and businesses the world over in the fall season. The beloved pumpkin remains an enduring staple of the autumn season, making them a perfect addition to your Halloween decor. 

There's something about Halloween that leaves us all longing for a good scare. If you want to stick to the spirit (haha) of the season, spooky decor pieces like skulls, ghouls, zombies, and more. Canvas wall art pieces like these are perfect seasonal picks to add to your decor to drive home those creepy vibes. 

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