Home Decor Trends of 2020

Lavish parties, decadent patterns, and sumptuous jewel tones are in, in, IN! 

Gone are the days of sanitized white walls and bland greige furnishings. The relative safety of the early aughts henceforth traded for bold statement pieces and rich displays of color.


Is anyone more excited about the 20s than we are? ( via Giphy )

Though winter is still upon us, we can’t help but set out gaze towards the future. Full of longer days, spring blooms, and a warming of the season.

As we gear up for the spring season, we can already start to see the influence of this decade’s 20th-century counterpart in the emerging 2020 home decor trends

With such a drastic turn around from one season to the next, it certainly can be difficult to keep your trends in order; the changes from 2019 to 2020 was so stylistically distinct, that even our design experts were left scratching their heads!

Because we understand the struggle, we’ve come up with mood boards for the top three biggest decorating trends of 2020

There are more trends we're expecting to see this year, and a few that we’ve already covered, but for now, we’ll kick things off with these:

Chintz & Maximalism

Meet minimalism’s sworn enemy: maximalism.

Cooler, bolder, and more daring than its predecessor, maximalism takes the notion of “less is more” and flips it on its head. 

Seen by some as a total sensory overload, the guiding principles of maximalism focus on an abundance of color, pattern, and texture converging into one cohesive space. 

Riding on maximalism’s ornate and decorative coattails is chintz. 

What the heck is chintz?

I’m glad you asked, hypothetical commentator! 

Chintz is a variety of printed floral patterns made popular in the 19th century for their use in fashion and decor. Chintz fabrics were traditionally glazed to give them a slightly glossy look, although today just about any pattern with repeating floral motifs gets called chintz. 

Chintz is perfect to invest in if you’re even tangentially interested in maximalism. It comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and in an infinite mix of wallpapers, fabrics, and, of course, art. 

Explore some of our favorite maximalist prints, including our most exciting chintz pieces!





Anna Wintour is never wrong: Camp is in and in a big way.

The MET Gala’s 2019 theme seemed to predict the resurgence of the collaborative aesthetic movement, amplifying the concept’s importance and assisting in its invasion of the cultural zeitgeist. 

Camp has been around for centuries and is a totally charged term with roots in the queer community. 

Regardless of the term’s history, exaggerated shapes and drama are in.

If you’re hesitant to jump into this bold trend right away, consider picking up a few pieces with camp in mind and blending them into what you already have. The bigger, the more ridiculous, the better.

Below is a selection of fun, campy prints that we add heaps of character and attitude to spaces already abundant in both:




There are few things more precious than mementos, especially those that remind us of simpler times or offer some escape from our daily lives.

The wanderlust trend depends entirely on the nostalgia and craftsmanship of items collected during your travels. The “vibe” is decidedly boho, featuring an eclectic mix of items and a vibrant color palette. 

Haven’t trotted the globe quite yet? No worries—simulate this look with thrifted and imported items as well as art that inspires your sense of adventure.



Although these trends aren’t for everyone, incorporating certain aspects of them is an easy but effective way to update your space and keep it feeling fresh. 

And remember, these are just some of 2020 interior design and home decor trends we’ll be seeing this year. We’ll continue to cover trends as we see them emerge, but, until next week, that’s all folks!

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