Kristine Sarley's Modern Take on Minimalist Art

We enjoy working with artists from around the globe one-on-one to find the best pieces in their collections to bring to our website.

There's so much art out there, but the best thing about finding new artists to welcome into the Fine Art Canvas brand is introducing them to our avid readers and customers.

We understand the value of having choices when it comes to art, and we want to give you as many unique canvas options as we possibly can. We realize art is highly personal, which is one of the reasons why we're constantly hunting for new art that you can connect to on a deeper level.

That's why we're particularly excited to spotlight the newest artist to join our family, Kristine Sarley.

Kristine is a graphic designer and mixed media artist living in Chicago, Illinois. She has a BA from Purdue University and studied design at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Her bold, graphic prints make excellent statement pieces and command lots of attention wherever they're displayed.

Sarley's compositions feature meticulously planned geometric elements, rendered in primary shades of blue, green, yellow, and neutrals like black and gray. Her canvases draw the eye inward and outward, evoking a bristling and vibrant sense of movement that's hard to take your eyes off of.

Like other modern painters, Sarley is inspired by classic lines and shapes but likes experimenting with texture, medium, and scale. She creates intriguing juxtapositions in each canvas, utilizing watercolor to bring an imperfect hint to geographic patterns. The result of her process is always a piece that's perfectly balanced between hard and soft, bold and delicate.

Kristine Sarley's invigorating contemporary canvas prints go well with a variety of decor styles and fit in well in any room. We like pairing her eye-catching canvases with bold pops of color and against neutral and mid-toned colored walls.
Because her style is relatively minimalistic, Sarley's prints instantly take center stage. You can certainly double, triple, or quadruple your art, but we think her gorgeous canvas prints look best displayed on their own.

Whether you're a maximalist or you like keeping things simple, Kristine Sarley's abstract patterns make a daring statement that's perfect for everyone's style and taste. They're also the perfect conversational piece, and you might find that guests feel compelled to strike up a chat around one of these canvases. Just one of these thoroughly modern canvases announces, to anyone that sets foot in your space, that you have refined, discerning, and excellent taste in art.

We're proud to support and amplify artists like Kristine Sarley. There's nothing better than helping artists get the recognition they deserve AND discovering new and exciting art in the process.

We're always looking for fresh art and new artists to add to our family. If you or someone you know is interested in joining Fine Art Canvas and selling their art to thousands of enthusiastic buyers, fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch within two weeks of receiving your submission.

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