Martin Luther King Jr. Day

As we head into the first few weeks of 2021 and Black History Month in February, we reflect with a sense of pride and bittersweet emotion on January 18th, the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. Unless you’ve lived your life in a cave or on a remote island cut off from contact with anyone, you will know that Dr. King dedicated his life to peacefully fighting for Equal and Human Rights for the Black population and those individuals wrongly marginalized at the hands of the law and society. 

King, his collaborators, and successors built/and are continuing to build strong foundations of guidance backed by legislation and influence. 2020 proved that times are still considerably contentious in the struggle for attaining equality. All communities must come together with their leaders to bring awareness to and support those living in underserved areas. The Dream Show, A Salute to South LA organized by MLK Community Health Foundation in South Los Angeles, values the diversity and strength in their neighborhood.

Artists, musicians, chefs, and leadership collaborated on this event to promote camaraderie throughout their community in conjunction with celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. Positive change can occur when people elevate themselves and those around them.

One of The Dream participants, live on KTLA in Los Angeles January 16th at 7pm PT and streaming online, is Fine Art Canvas's featured artist and fan-favorite, the visual and multi-cultural artist Synthia SAINT JAMES. As an artist, SAINT JAMES raises awareness of other cultures' traditions and beliefs through her remarkable and colorful pieces. 

MLK called to Serve” by Synthia SAINT JAMES is an image dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr.’s realization that he wanted to be of service to God and the people in greatest need. He would help the most vulnerable of society find peace and justice.  

In her canvas print, "The Dream," SAINT JAMES envisages in movement and vibrancy the day Dr. King made his historic "I Have A Dream" speech. Surrounded by a crowd of scholars, visionaries, and scores of people with a desire for unity and freedom, King imparted his wisdom to manifest a future unburdened by hatred and segregation.  

Martin Luther King Jr. died an untimely death on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, from a gunshot wound. Many people viewed King as a radical at the time and unfortunately feared his successes and the change he was proposing. The best way to honor a person of great character is to follow in their footsteps and keep the fire associated with their name and teaching alive and robust. 

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