The Enchanted Life of Nikki Chu

We can officially say that the previously unfathomable 2020, or the year of Jumanji, has come to an end. Let's keep that disaster locked up in an airtight vessel, in an underground cave NEVER to open again, under any circumstances!

With that said, let's welcome on to the scene 2021, a year of renewed promise and hope. We can start refreshed, relaxed, and looking ahead to an extraordinary year overflowing with happiness, health, and a world of color and creativity with eclectic artists like Nikki Chu

As part of a path towards rejuvenation and restoration, our 2021 goal is to supply the tools and inspiration needed to cultivate a wholly in sync space with you and your personality. 


Choosing a canvas art print that completes your home decor puzzle is not always entirely about visual aspects, including style, color, or subject matter. For plenty of people having a connection to the artist in some manner makes a piece feel special and provides meaning on a deeper level.  

To develop or reinforce your admiration for and knowledge of the artists that work with us, we're performing in-house interviews collecting information on our featured artists to give you a glimpse into their lives and how they chose a lifetime career in the arts, and what keeps them motivated. 

Our first artist to kick off the New Year is the glamorous and exceedingly ambitious and talented Nikki Chu, a favorite artist and designer to the stars! 

How it all started

Nikki Chu is one of those charmed people who discovered and embraced their natural gift early in life and ran with it. Add strong will and hard work, and you have a recipe for success. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Nikki attended the International Academy of Design in her hometown and started her career as a graphic designer. She soon realized that interior design was a better fit for her. 

She took her graphic design skills and a deep love of fashion because personal style and home style are mutual and began building her home decor brand and interior design consulting to become an eventual empire. 

Tribal Flower Blue

Being of both Jamaican and British heritage, Chu looks to the world in places like Indonesia, Ghana, Africa, and India for inspiration to create her pieces. Referencing tribal and ethnic patterns and people of color, while interweaving modern lines for a global yet relatable aesthetic, as seen in many of her beautifully executed wall art.

Although Nikki's first love is to be creative, one must also have a keenness and understanding of running a business appropriately to lessen the probability of making sizable and expensive errors. Chu looks to colleagues and mentors such as Martha Stewart for concepts and guidance.

The Next Chapter

With measurable success in her native Canada, Nikki decided it was time to expand her brand reach and place herself in a more competitive market. What city in the US could possibly have more people vying for home stylists than the sweeping coastal cosmopolis of Los Angeles, CA? 

And with that, Nikki moved to LA, and her brand joined the ranks of highly sought after interior designers and personalized spaces for Tyra Banks, Nick Cannon, Lisa Leslie, and Gabrielle Union. 

"Timing and being prepared is everything. I always have pictures of my work on my phone. I keep my website updated with a recent project; I keep business cards on hand and stay current. You don't want to miss opportunities because you weren't prepared. Preparation meets opportunities".

Mid Mod Shapes 2

Nikki, a busy woman indeed, is also the GO-TO design expert for multiple networks, including VH1, HGTV, and Oxygen. In 2018 & 2019, she had her own show on Aspire TV to help people modernize and rehabilitate their homes. 

Present Day

As 2020 harshly proved to many, to have continuing success, you must never accept complacency. Growth and adaptation are essential. Nikki Chu's primary life mission is to create affordable, comfortable, and glamorous luxury home decor and stay current with technological demands.  

As the pandemic began to lay siege globally, Nikki decided that it would be prudent during this time to implement a platform for people to contact an interior designer with needs and questions. Chu also teaches an online course created to help individuals entering design with what they may encounter from a business perspective. 

Driven by pure love for design and a desire to inspire and bring joy to people through her work, Nikki Chu's life path is one to admire and emulate. 

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Neutral Dancing Woman

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