This Is Why You Need Our New Canvas Art Sets

Interior design and art go hand in hand. Finding the right pieces to emphasize key features in your room, perfectly completing a design story, and staying within budget while also creating a work of art can be a rigorous process. 

We all want a perfectly decorated space worthy of gracing the covers of Architectural Digest or Better Homes and Gardens magazines. 

Our new collection of canvas sets has been under development ever since we started selling art. We knew early on that we wanted to create a collection that allowed consumers to quickly build up their art collection and make their rooms feel more like home. 

This week we'll be discussing canvas sets at length and getting into the importance of art in your home.

Art improves your mood

The very act of viewing art is an aesthetic experience in perception.

By its nature, art is a thing of beauty. In fact, The Mental Health Foundation found that surrounding yourself with and looking at it improves your wellbeing and can ease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. There's even some evidence that art can delay the onset of neurological disorders.

Countless studies have been conducted to pin down the effect in all disciplines, from psychology to neuroscience and public health. Though we're far from understanding the mechanism, we know that there's a connection between art and feeling good, which is a good enough reason to keep plenty of it around.

Just because art is good for your mental health, doesn't mean your wallet has to take a hit! Take advantage of any deal, like sales and bundles, when you're working on building up your personal art collection.

Art makes you stand out

The fact of the matter remains that not everyone has art adorning their walls. That could be either because they aren't interested in art or they can't imagine it in their homes. Whatever the case, when you decorate your home with art, it automatically sets you apart from the crowd, making your home unique. 

Because art holds a different meaning to everyone, even those who love, appreciate, and have art in their homes can't say they have the same art that you have. 

Art makes a statement

And, no, we don't just mean art adds color, texture, and interest to your space, although it does that, too!

Besides being an invaluable tool for decorating your home, art can speak to your thoughts, emotions, ideas, philosophies, and values. That's why many will choose art that represents the ideologies that they hold dear. Plus, surrounding yourself with pieces that remind you of who you are and what you stand for helps encourage and foster your sense of self and keep a healthy ego.

If you can't settle on a single piece of art, a set might be the perfect solution. Sets like this one by Princella Seripenah combine a decorative element with a message for the perfect balance between decor and statement piece. 

Art tells a story

Perhaps you like using art a little differently. 

Art can be used to represent important places or moments in your life, and with a bit of curation, you can easily have the art in your home tell your life's story for you. Because artists have been at work creating all sorts of art to work through their own lived experiences. Artists are people just like you and me, and they lived life in many the same ways that we do, experiencing heartbreak, joy, triumph, happiness, and sadness. This means that you have endless choices of art to adorn your home to remind you and guests of what you've been through.

What's so special about canvas sets?

Quite simply: the more, the merrier. 

If one piece of art can do all these amazing things, can you imagine what two can do?

The easiest way to build up your art collection is by purchasing multiple pieces at once, which is why we now offer tailor-made sets of art that are paired perfectly together.

Canvas sets are the perfect way to create symmetry and synergy in any interior space. Combining two artworks with harmonizing elements creates visual balance and makes your room look more put together and intentional.

Sets are the perfect decor piece for bedrooms and for living rooms, where you may have a lot of free wall space to decorate. Typically, canvas sets of 2 are hung together with 1-2 inches between them, but you're totally free to experiment with placement. We like displaying wall art as the focal point of a room, designing the rest of our decor around one central piece.

All you need to do is find an empty wall and proudly showcase your art pieces to the world. Whatever form you choose, you'll be able to adapt it to fit your lifestyle and interior design easily.

When it comes to deciding where to buy canvas sets, we hope you'll choose Fine Art Canvas as your ultimate destination. We have tons of sets to suit every design style, just waiting for you to discover and scoop them up. 

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