4 Ways to Decorate Your Child's Room with Canvas Art Prints

We've already discussed the benefits that art can have on your mental health, but how can you put this knowledge into practice in your home?

It's easy to curate art to the different rooms of your home once you understand the purpose or function of each room in your family's daily routine. Depending on what certain rooms are for, you'll want to choose art that encourages and facilitates or inspires their use.

For example, while you might want vibrant and fun canvas art prints for your kitchen, the same can't always be said of your living room. It makes perfect sense to match your art to the activities, emotions, and sensations you associate with each room while steering clear from any art that detracts or muddies up those associations.

Autumn is fast approaching, and while we're far from embracing the pumpkin spice fervor that has many in a stranglehold, we are keenly aware that that means school is very nearly back in session.

What better time to give your child's bedroom a makeover than now, with the little ones gearing up to return to the classroom?

The average person spends about 11 hours, waking or otherwise, cloistered in their bedroom each day. 

While most children, teenagers notwithstanding, spend a little less time in their rooms, it's still important to foster an uplifting and inspiring outlook through their decor and canvas art. 

Decorating your children’s bedroom is an exciting process. From the furniture and books to their stuffed animals, you want the room to tell a story—one that inspires your child and creates an oasis for them. 

Canvas artwork is an important component of your kids room that ties your decor together and reinforces a theme.  

On top of the benefits we've already discussed, art plays a critical role in child development. Art of all kinds helps children understand and express themselves, and introducing them to it young gives them ways to communicate their feelings and opinions. This encourages children to be independent, thoughtful, and open with themselves and others. Art is something your child can interact with, and engaging your child through art is a great way to keep them sharp mentally and emotionally. 

We know how important your child's room is, so we've developed four ways to use kids canvas art prints to encourage self-worth, energize their space, tell a story, and inspire their imagination as they grow. Read on to learn all about how you can use canvas art in your child's room. 

Encourage Self-Worth

The easiest way to use canvas art prints in your child's bedroom or playroom is to utilize the wall space to pepper in encouraging and loving messages. You might do this by choosing prints that includes a quote or alludes to a favorite memory.

For many of us, our children are the center of our proverbial galaxy. We constantly refer to them as our sunshine, our moon, our little star, or any number of similar phrases to invoke their importance in our lives. To mirror this sentiment, why not choose a set of art prints that hints at your child being your everything using bold, colorful imagery representing the sun, moon, and stars. The message is sweet and subtle but opaque enough that the child can understand it with time and a little creative thinking. 

Energize Their Space

Canvas art also goes a long way to brightening and refreshing a space, especially in children’s rooms. Positive statements, decorative elements, and themed art are lovely things to add to their room. The goal with choosing canvas prints for your little girl or boy is to find something that interests them, whether it speaks to a favorite hobby, animal, shape, saying, or any number of things.

Maybe your toddler or child likes pretending to be an explorer and run around in the backyard having adventures on their own. Why not play into their perceptive imagination? Choose a piece like this decorative typography print with a quote that reads, "You are my greatest adventure." This piece adds a warm, optimistic touch to the space and pairs perfectly with their toys and interests. 

Tell a Story

Another way you can use art prints in a child's room is by creating a vibe and telling a story. 

Cater their decor and art around each other by using decorative elements, furniture, color, and space to create an immersive and fantastical story. The point is to get their imagination going and engage that side of their brain and encourage them to play, imagine, and have fun in their space.

Spark Their Imagination as They Grow

The last thing you want to consider is tailoring the art in their bedroom or playroom to their growing needs, interests, and desires. Our kids won't be little forever, so plan for that eventual growth spurt by choosing art that grows or develops meaning with them. 

A whimsical Bubblegum tree may be just a whimsical tree today, but it may remind them of simpler times or days spent with friends five, ten, or fifteen years down the line. 

When it comes to using canvas art prints to decorate your child's room, the options are indeed endless. Browse our collection of child-friendly art on our website, or go beyond the category and find something entirely unique for your ray of sunshine.

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