Vakseen Art Show Legends Only Los Angeles

Fine Art Canvas is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with one of our very talented featured artists, Vakseen, on his gallery show, Legends Only: Los Angeles.

Vakseen's vibrant portraits breathe new life into his subjects. His Legends Only: Los Angeles collection explores iconic Hollywood celebrities' legacy, impact, and spirit.

Of the collection, Vakseen said he wanted to "draw you in and make you feel something" about the "people [and] moments that [...] have my full attention."

It's clear that the LA-based artist greatly admires the popular zeitgeist and legendary figures of the 1980s and 90s. Each meticulously painted canvas traces a pivotal moment in pop history, at times paying homage to figures, performances, and photographs that defined generations. From Kobe to Prince, Rodney King to Snoop Dogg, Vakseen's collection has it all.

"I want you to feel all that same love, all of that same inspiration and admiration that I feel when I'm creating each piece," Vakseen says of his collection. With the promise of 8 never-before-seen pieces making their public debut, this gallery show promises to be the most important art event of the season.


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