7 Canvas Art Prints to Get You Ready for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is nearly upon us (thank goodness!), and we're eternally grateful for the coming day off. 

Labor Day weekend gives us all a chance to rest and enjoy one last summer day before fall kicks in. 

Many Americans take the long weekend as an opportunity to do some light traveling, though the majority stay local and host barbeques or head to the beaches, lakes, or rivers.

As you gear up for your own little getaway, we thought it might be nice to go through some artwork that'll help you keep your eyes on the prize between now and that sweet, sweet time off.


Randy Hibberd, Beach Days

Summer is coming to an end, but it certainly doesn’t have to. Bring summer home and fill your walls with joy and warm summer vibes with this canvas print by Randy Hibberd.

The beach is a staple for many of his works, and nowhere does his affinity for the coast shine through more than it does in this aerial print. In it, droves of tourists and beach-goers flock to the beach, dotting the shore with colorful umbrellas that, as we see it, look like tiny polka dots. 

Sienna Cliffs by Liz Jardine

Not a fan of the beach? Artist Liz Jardine has you covered.

Sienna Cliffs features bold geometric brushstrokes that plan out a beautiful mountain range's jagged edges and flats. Jardin's unique style makes you feel like you can almost hear and feel the rushing river water.

Jardine's penchant for elegant abstractions led to her expressive and tactile style, now a hallmark among all her works. 

Lake Side by K. Nari

If the great outdoors is more up to your alley, you'll be delighted by our next pick. Nari's whimsical style makes this forest scene look absolutely heavenly. Watercolor is known for its dreamy, effortless beauty and ethereal quality, and Lake Side was painted with those qualities in mind. Take in the lake views and enjoy the calm as you pack for your next adventure. Plus, thanks to our museum-quality printing, you’ll get to enjoy every last detail of this incredible masterpiece.

Ocean Play I by Lisa Ridgers

Maybe you're a Labor Day purist and prefer to spend your long weekend out on the open water. If so, Lisa Ridgers shares the sentiment.

Ocean Play I stands out among Ridgers's body of work thanks to its creative use of contrast and technique. This heavily abstracted nautical scene is not lost despite the simplification, making this piece all the more compelling.

Afternoon Gulls by Craig Trewin Penny

Has your nine-to-five been running you ragged? Maybe you want to use the long weekend to relax and bum around, enjoying doing nothing for once. We can't think of a better canvas than Craig Trewin Penny's luxuriously languid and totally tempting coastal tableau.

Ocean Sunrise by Patrick Zephyr

We, for one, have no concrete plans set for Labor Day. With nowhere to go, we set about finding a print that was so beautiful, so vivid, and so detailed that we'd successfully ditch the FOMO.

Zephyr's breathtaking sunrise over the craggy cove below is captured at the precise moment the world begins to turn a brilliant shade of gold.

Watercolor Beach by Paul Brent

If you're staying home to spend time with your family, why not bring the beach to you?

Paul Brent's charming coastal canvas invokes New England summers spent lounging at your personal beach house. Plus, its playful style and lighthearted subject matter are perfect for family rooms, so it's a great piece beyond summer.



With the colder months of fall and winter just around the corner, who wouldn’t want a sunny beach, lake, or forest scene around to keep the chill at bay?

Not only are these seven picks gorgeous and perfect for any home, but they go a long way to lighten up the atmosphere in your home, helping you relax. 

We guarantee that furnishing your home with any one of these stunning canvas prints will have you feeling at ease even beyond the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

None of these catch your eye? There’s plenty more where that came from! 

Why not browse our Labor Day collection while you wait for your burger to finish cooking and enjoy your weekend!

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