Ash Barty and Ashvin Harrison Team Up for Charity

As part of our ongoing resolution to showcase the amazing artists we work with and all of the incredible things they do, we're sharing an exciting new project by Australian artist and abstract expressionist extraordinaire Ashvin Harrison.

Ash Barty and Ashvin Harrison Collaborate for Charity

Our very own Ashvin Harrison teamed up with WTA number one tennis player Ash Barty to create a one-of-a-kind work of art for an exclusive charity auction.

Rado sponsored the two to create a truly stunning piece of art that will sell on Singulart Gallery for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We're excited to share the artist and sportsman's creative process, which combined Ashvin's impressive use of paint and charcoal pigment on gessoed surfaces and Barty's killer swings, racket, and tennis balls to create an emotive and inspiring piece.

An Artist in Service

Ashvin had a circuitous path to becoming an artist, but it's clear by viewing his work that art was always his greatest love.

Now himself well established in the art scene, Ashvin's expressive and exciting originals fetch a pretty penny online.



When Ash approached Ashvin to create this piece for her, he was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity. Ashvin immediately began working on drafting Ash Barty's life-size figure caught mid-swing in one of her matches at the Wimbleton slam, perfectly capturing her likeness in charcoal. The resulting composition became a team effort from there, one in which Barty relished participating.

WTA World Number One Athlete

Although "artist" is not a word Ash Barty would choose to describe herself with, we think she could pass for a professional easily!

After a promising junior career, the young Queensland-native tennis star became the first Australian woman to win the Wimbledon championship in 41 years. Since winning, she has garnered numerous awards and accolades, further proving her talent and grit on and off the court.

Barty approached Ashvin after Swiss watchmaker Rado helped the two connect on this creative endeavor. 

Although Ash was initially nervous, Ashvin guided her through the creative process until they had a total ace of a painting.

Using tennis balls dipped in acrylic paint and her racket, Ash served the balls towards the canvas, creating dynamic swishes and bubbles of bursting color that contrasted beautifully against her magnetic black and white likeness.

Although it was messy, the entire process seems to have been great fun for the tennis star and the artist.

The original piece went up for Auction from Monday, January 10th, and ends at midnight January 31st (Melbourne, Australia time- GMT +11). 

Also up for grabs are Ash's Wimbledon tennis racket, which was used to help create the splatters on the piece, four signed Rado tennis balls and a special limited edition HyperChrome watch. Featuring a stunning blue mother-of-pearl face, this breathtaking timepiece is a work of art unto its own and is limited to 996 pieces per Rado's own website.

If you don't ace the bidding on this canvas, you can always snag your own Ashvin Harrison print on Fine Art Canvas. With a wide selection of masterpieces to choose from, we guarantee you'll find a winner!

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