Fall Head Clover Heels With New Colorful Birth Flower Prints!

Most of us are familiar with our birthstone, but did you know that each month has a birth flower too? 

Not many people realize that there's a corresponding flower associated with each month. 

Just like birthstones, flowers have symbolic meanings behind them. The ancient Greeks and the Victorians are partly to thank for this, but other cultures have unique interpretations.

Knowing each month's flower can help you create personalized arrangements and gifts for yourself and your loved ones. That’s why, for this week’s blog, we’re sharing an artist’s interpretation of the flower for each of the months. You can get these fabulous works of art on our website in either framed or unframed archival-quality canvas prints. The beauty of these flowers is that they last forever, so they’ll be beautifying your walls or a loved one’s home for many years to come.

Read on to discover your birth month's flower and learn what each bloom means!

January: Carnation

Carnations are a universal favorite bloom, known for their assorted colorful shades and fluttery fringed petals. Bred in over 50 different varieties, these flowers broadly symbolize love and remembrance. Gift your loved ones red, pink, or white carnations to express "admiration," "deep love," and "innocence, pure love, remembrance."

This stunning close-up photograph by Elise Catterall is full of detail. Complimented by a soft neutral color palette, this beautiful print makes a wonderful gift for your Valentine or yourself.

February: Violet 

Known for their brilliant purple coloring, violets are native to the European and Asian continents. These bright, three-petaled flowers symbolize modesty, faithfulness, everlasting love, innocence, and remembrance.

Bring the beauty of these flowers into your home with a print that perfectly captures their beauty. This piece by DP Gallery features technicolor shadows and careful brushstrokes that emulate the golden light of midday. 

March: Daffodil

There's nothing sweeter and more cheery than a bundle of bright yellow daffodils. These early spring bulbs can be cultivated indoors so that they'll bloom in time for your March birthday. As a plus, these darling floral blooms represent unrivaled love and rebirth.

Add some contrast to your space with a print that features the silhouetted form of this sweet spring bloom. Not only does this print by Bert Myers bring the beauty of nature indoors, but it also makes a fabulous conversation piece.

April: Daisy

April babies should expect bouquets of innocence, loyal love, and purity—of daisies, of course! These sweet white and yellow blooms are a favorite around spring and Easter, which usually takes place around this time.

This charming farmhouse-inspired print by Melissa Lyons is the perfect way to bring daisies into your home, year-round. Lyons perfectly captures the essence of a breezy spring day, immortalizing this quaint pastoral moment for your continued enjoyment.

May: Lily of the Valley

These sweet bell-shaped blooms signify sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness. Beloved for their charming and delicate appearance, a bouquet of these fragrant flowers are sure to brighten up the days of the May birthdays in your life. 

Ata Alishahi perfectly captures the form and spirit of these many-flowered blooms in her piece, Nature and Beauty. Filled to the brim with butterflies, lilies of the valley, and brilliant red snapdragons.

June: Rose

Summer birthdays enjoy the most fragrant of all flowers, the rose. These widely recognized flowers are a favorite for special occasions and come in hundreds of different varietals. Each shade of this many-petaled bloom means something different, from "I love you" to new beginnings to friendship to jealousy!

Forgo the bouquets of a dozen roses and highlight your message with a single rose print by Tania Garcia. This bright red rose drawn in a simple, graphic style drives your point home and makes a great accent piece. Gift this stunning watercolor-textured canvas to your favorite Rose-birthday and make their day every time they catch sight of it.

July: Larkspur

The vibrant larkspur flower is known for its airy stalks and colorful little flowers. These lithe spring blooms add gracefulness and effortless beauty to any space and come in a variety of different colors. 

This singular stalk of pale white larkspurs painted by Morgan Harrington conveys a happy nature. As with most flowers, each color variation of the larkspur flower has a different meaning. Purple larkspurs convey first love, while blue represents grace and strong love.

August: Gladiolus

These tall, chiffon-like flowers are known for their exotic beauty and surprising resilience. Gladiolus represents integrity and persistence, evinced by its endurance during the hot summer months. 

This vibrant stalky floral is on full display in Joanne Porter's stunning watercolor rendition. Porter's bold color and stark contrast make this piece the perfect pop of color in any space. 

September: Aster

September babies have the beautiful fall perennial Asters.

Seen as symbols of powerful love, these brilliantly colored and intricately textured blooms add a splash of color to the fastly-fading summer and early fall landscape.

Captured here in their full, freshly-picked beauty, Susan S. Barmon stages these violet blossoms against a stark black background for a dramatic effect.

October: Marigold

Is there any flower more befitting October babies than the fragrant Marigold?

Also known as the Cempasúchil, which comes from the Nahuatl term cempohualxochitl meaning "twenty flower." These flowers are highly revered in Mexico and Latin America for their ties to the spirit world and their importance in Dia De Los Muertos ceremonies. For many cultures south of the border, these cheerful annuals represent the sun's luminous beauty, which lights the way to the afterlife and resurrection.

These flowers' vibrant color makes them perfect representations of optimism and prosperity. Add these eye-catching blossoms to your home office or workspace for an instant mood and productivity boost.

November: Chrysanthemum

Sometimes known as "mums," these gorgeous autumnal flowers symbolize friendship and longevity—making them the perfect flower for November.

These colorful flowers are native to Asia and date back to the 15th century B.C. Many East Asian cultures revere and cherish these diverse blooms and celebrate their beauty. For example, these lovely perennials are central to Japanese celebrations during one of the five ancient sacred festivals, the "Festival of Happiness," also known as Chrysanthemum Day (菊の節句or Kiku no Sekku).

Painted here by the great impressionist painter Claude Monet, who began exploring the many-colored blooms during his Japonisme period, this elegant canvas print is perfect for the art-loving November babies in your life.

December: Narcissus

Captured in perfect detail by Debra Lake, Narcissus is the ideal December flower.

These paperwhite daffodils have become popular because they're fairly easy to force into bloom in winter. Additionally, these beautiful florals convey hope, a steadfast love, or that you want your beloved to stay just the way they are. 


Whether you’re a Marigold or a Daffodil baby, each flower is as unique as the person admiring them. We’ve got a selection of blooming florals for everyone to enjoy, just check out our botanical collection and find a flower that speaks to you.

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