A Home Decor Trend that Never Goes out of Style: Floral Wall Art

Look: we know that it’s not officially Spring yet, but we can’t help but begin yearning for the bright pastels of the season amidst the perpetual grey that’s crept over Los Angeles these past few weeks.

We’ve had our fun with winter. We’ve all enjoyed the dark days and the fuzzy blankets, the candles, and the chill, but it’s time to say goodbye and move on...the problem is, where to begin?

There are so many great trends popping up this year, and it’s only natural to want to try them all.

Maybe you think, to hell with design rules—you want to experiment! You want to test the limits of what your space can and can’t pull off.

Maybe you’re some kind of a decor savant, you know what you like, you know what works, but you just want to mix things up.

Maybe you don’t know what you want, and you’re just trying to find something that works for you. 

What if I told you that one simple trend could transform your room and give your decor a fresh look? 

It’s something that’s been around

It’s on nearly every shelf in stores,

It goes with everyone’s personal style (trust us), 

It comes in hundreds of unique shades and patterns, 

AND it doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

You’re going to be furious when I give you the answer to my riddle...


This simple trend that’s been around season after season and never goes out of style is none other than floral home decor.



Florals may not be the most groundbreaking design choice, but with so many decor options out there we can’t help but think they’re entirely appropriate. 

You may not think you can pull off flowers in your space, but that’s where you’re wrong.

We believe everyone can enjoy a good, metaphorical bouquet every once in a while. 

There are so many floral home decor pieces out there. You can easily find floral carpets, floral-patterned ceramics, pillows, couches, curtains, throws...you name it, somebody’s covered it in flower petals!

Florals are incredibly versatile, and the decor world knows it. 

Heck, we know it! We have nearly 600 floral canvas prints on our website right now, and hundreds more coming in each day! 

And it’s no wonder—not only are flowers beautiful and easy to pair with just about anything, but studies have also shown that keeping them around can boost your mood and reduce stress.


If that wasn’t reason enough to give florals a try, we think flowers go great with just about every design style. 

Don’t believe us? Read on to see how we styled six different rooms with magnificent botanical canvas art!


Transitional interiors depend on a blend of modern and traditional decor pieces to create a cohesive space. Rooms with a transitional feel will often mix contemporary, modern, vintage, and antique pieces, exaggerating or emphasizing certain elements, colors, or silhouettes over others. 

Because these interiors generally have a lot in the way of furniture and other elements, we opted for something simple and classically beautiful for the wall art. 

We knew we wanted to go for an “urban jungle” theme for this room as soon as we saw this beautiful velvet couch. We loved the angular frame of the piece paired with tufted details throughout and the bold color.

Color-matching a print to this unique shade would be next to impossible, so we needed something subtle if we wanted to make this space really pop. 

This macro realist painting by Igor Levashov combines an elegant composition with delicate pastels, bridging the strong olive green tone of the couch with the whitewashed brick wall behind. The peachy-pink tone of the flower perfectly complements the warm green of the couch, making everything within stand out by degrees. 


Florals belong as naturally to Farmhouse interiors as water to the ocean. 

Rooms with a Farmhouse aesthetic tend to favor a natural color palette with strategic accent pieces. Nearly everything in Farmhouse interior decor has a vintage charm and a homemade feel, meaning plants and flowers are practically required.

For this room, we wanted a statement piece to fill in the vertical space.

We wanted to keep the art soft but bright. We didn’t want anything too defined or realistic because we felt that might clash with the romantic feel of the room. We liked the idea of pulling colors from the botanicals we already had in the room and thought doing so might really make the space feel complete. 

This large canvas art print by Carol Robinson was everything we needed and more. 

Not only does this piece’s mix of green and pink mesh with the room’s extant greenery, but the style of these delicate roses adds just enough definition to create visual interest without taking away from its surroundings. 

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic combines many of Farmhouse’s elements with French Country styles, abundant textiles, and a more delicate color palette. 

For this room, we had the benefit of a large, north-facing window which gave the space ample lighting. 

We knew we wanted to go for a pristine, somewhat modern update to Shabby Chic, so we adhered to a limited color palette of pinks and whites. To compensate for our limited color options we went nuts on textures, alternating and mixing glossy, lace, check, and flouncy finishes to add interest and detail. 

We chose this floral still life by Studio Arts for three main reasons:

  1. The realistic style of the piece reminded us of old Flemish still lifes which helped bring the room’s style back to its antique/vintage roots.
  2. The pastel color palette with bold green foliage provided just the right amount of contrast so as to accentuate the room without detracting from it. And, 
  3. The delicate petals of the flowers in this piece not only matched the bouquet we’d chosen for our nightstand but it also perfectly mirrored our lampshade.


Contemporary style is pretty much a catch-all term for trending design.

In this case, we styled a room with jewel tones and bright pops of warm color, an abundance of throw pillows, hints of mid-century design, and lots of plants—all in keeping with current decor trends we’ve discussed previously.

This gave us a lot of freedom when it came to selecting a piece of art to hang over our room’s focal point, which was simultaneously daunting and exciting

If you haven’t guessed by now, we love pink.

We had already set our design up with a couple of hints of dusty rose but we knew that we wanted more in the finished design. Taking advantage of this unfilled niche, we gravitated towards pink floral prints and were able to easily find something we thought worked well in the space in the form of this whimsical canvas print by Studio Arts. 

This Impressionist-style canvas print brightens up the whole room and is big enough that it’s the first thing your eye gravitates to when you walk in. The loose style of the piece adds a lived-in look that keeps the space from feeling detached or cold (unless you’re into that sort of thing), and a hint of personality.


Industrial interior design is focused on highlighting the structural elements of a space. Exposed brick, concrete, and metal scaffolding are all trademarks of this iconic metropolitan style and are what give these rooms a rustic yet elegant vibe.

The main trap of Industrial decor is that it can sometimes make a room feel tyrannically utilitarian. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it can sometimes feel like minimalism on night mode.

To brighten the space up and infuse it with a welcome hint of color, we chose this breathtaking photo print by Meric Dagli. 

The piece’s overall cool tone complements the darker color palette of the room while the botanical subject adds some much-needed contrast to the blank concrete walls.


Scandinavian is just a step above Industrial in terms of Minimalist design.

The key to doing Scandinavian interiors justice is a varied approach to texture and a subdued color palette. Those that strive towards this aesthetic generally keep their spaces uncluttered but cozy, full of layered textiles and simple but well-loved furnishings. 

We admired the sage-colored walls in this space and wanted to bring out the color’s cooler tone. To do that, we hung up this dreamy dark blue botanical print by Carol Robinson in the center of this lounge chair and side table vignette. 

Although this floral canvas print is a bit more ornate than what you might instinctively go for when you’re decorating a Scandinavian interior the piece’s midnight blue, green, and white color palette fit in perfectly with the room’s overarching themes. In a space full of bold tribal-inspired patterns and overwhelmingly neutral colors, this bold garden scene adds a welcome contrast and a bit of fun to the room.

If you’re somehow still unconvinced that florals could fit into your space, we invite you to look through our Botanical tag. With so many unique art options, we’re certain you’ll find a floral canvas print that fits your style. 

Are you on board with this trend? Will you incorporate flowers into your interior design? Let us know in the comments below!

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