Creating a Coastal Oasis Within Your Beach Themed Bathroom

What lies beneath? The popularity and psychology behind beach-themed bathroom decor.

Isn’t it interesting how many households or living spaces have a beach-inspired theme within their bathroom? I mean, just think about it. Certainly more than one family member or friend comes to mind that has iconic and symbolic trinkets, tchotchkes, or mementos from the beach. Whether it’s an eclectic collection of seashells, beach photographs, or vials of sand from a variety of shorelines, we love the beach so much that we want to bring the essence of it home with us.

But why? For some, you may already know the answer to this. For others, this may be an informative read.

The obvious answer is the correlation and connection of water. The beach and bathroom are connected as they are both sources of water. We bathe in our bathtub and shower, and we swim, bathe, and frolic in the ocean. That through line is pretty apparent. Both spaces have water as their common denominator, but what else?

My take on it is that there is a strong connection between the joy and happiness we feel when we are at the beach and wanting to replicate that same feeling when we are back at home and in our normal routine.

Think about it. When we’re at the beach, we’re usually free as a bird. We’re untied from our daily tasks and responsibilities: the emails, phone calls, appointments, meetings and deadlines. We’re soaking up the sun and totally immersed in our environment. We’re buried in a book, as well as the sand, without a worry in the world. These moments are usually spent hanging with friends, family, and loved ones. It’s usually a delightful time during the long summer days that forge some of the best memories.

So why wouldn’t you want to capture those sentiments, hold onto them forever and try to replicate them? By bringing the beach into your bathroom via art and decor that captures some of the imagery and emotion of the coast, we have an opportunity to relive some special memories, with special people, at certain moments throughout our lives.

Whether it’s stunning professional photography, candid snapshots, abstract renderings or knick-knacks and bric-a-brac, all of these items can have a powerful impact on a room, the tone it sets, and the memories they bring back. Plus, when you combine a collection of items that adhere to a specific design theme, it solidifies that theme even more and makes it all the more effective.

Sure, it’s totally ok to have an eclectic mix of art and decor that showcases your personality and various interests, but, it’s such a visual treat to have a theme with a through line that keeps your attention and focus. When you have a solid theme in place, it shows intent, commitment, planning, personality and emotion.

Coastal or beach-themed decor can be a powerful way to evoke a strong emotion or memory. It can be a great way to get transported back to all that fun in the sun, surf and sand within your own living space. It’s a way to curate and create your own mini sanctuary within your own water world or bathroom.

Our washrooms are kind of our safe spaces if you think about it. They are spaces where we go to beautify ourselves, from makeshift spa time via a luxurious bath, to makeup and hair, as well as dressing and styling ourselves for the day ahead. They have the potential to be this peaceful oasis amidst the chaos and demands of the modern world.

So it’s no wonder why so many of us choose to replicate a tiny sliver of paradise within our own homes. With Mother Nature as our muse, we have limitless opportunities as to the types of imagery and mood we want to create.

For many, the obvious choices are sometimes the best. Simple yet stylish photographs or prints that capture the essence of sunrises/sunsets and all the gorgeous colors that they bring. Or maybe abstract is more your style, leaving meaning and interpretation up to the eye of the beholder with pieces that resemble oceanic themes with their use of varying blue tones to fill a canvas.

Regardless, this space that holds your porcelain palace is yours. It’s cozy, comfortable, and relaxing...just like the coast. And just like the coast, with its gorgeous blue skies, a mighty and expansive ocean, and miles of soft, sandy beaches, this haven within your home can bring you back to those endless summer days with art and decor that captures those sandy sentiments and forever encapsulates them.

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