Give the Gift of Art: Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Family

Just when you thought you were out of the woods, Christmas comes peeking around the corner with all the joys and stresses of family get-togethers and last-minute shopping—just thinking about it has us reeling.

But fear not! When it comes to finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list, we’ve got you covered. 

This week and next, we’ll be sharing our top picks for this season’s hottest gifts for all your family and friends. 

We’ve got everyone you’re shopping for covered at Fine Art Canvas and with so many options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something that even the trickiest of people to shop for will fall head over heels over.

Leave Santa in the dust with our expert picks, and make the holiday season that much more merry and bright! 


Maybe you and your mom don’t always see eye to eye, but there’s no denying that blood runs thicker than water and mothers have shed more than their fair share of both for their children.

This holiday season, show your Mom that you’re thinking of her with a gorgeous canvas print to match her personal style and interests.

Does your mom have an easy-going attitude and an effortless beauty? 

Try this whimsical floral print by Studio Arts:

Is your mom the glamorous, chic, adventurous type?

Take her to Paris without spending an arm and a leg with this prime view of the Eiffel Tower that’s sure to leave her feeling serene and inspired:

Is she ever the fashionista, or does she just love vintage finds?

She’s sure to love this retro 1950s swimsuit photographic print! Perfect for all settings and styles, the chic black and white color palette of this print goes with everything:

Choose the print that bests reminds you of her, or go a more sentimental route and choose one that you think will remind her of you. At the end of the day, you know your mother best and we’re sure you’ll find something she’ll love for years to come.


Tired of getting your dad the same old grilling set/novelty one-off/tie/socks/etc.,? 

Get creative and opt for a stunning piece of artwork he can actually enjoy for years to come!

Good old dad can be tricky to shop for, but with our expert advice, you’ll get the job done in no time.

Is your dad a total grease monkey? Does he love the look and feel of vintage machines and parts?

You simply can’t go wrong with this incredible high-res collage by the fiercely talented Mindy Sommers:

Does your old man have a passion for animals?

The elegant contours of this dramatic photographic print put the wild beauty of this impressive steed on full display:

Does he crack awfully-crafted “dad jokes” at moments most likely to elicit groans and yells?

Feed his inner child with this fun and absolutely adorable pup painted with great daubs and loose sweeps of pastel paint:

Whatever you decide on, your dad’s sure to be grateful for the decision to mix it up in the gift department this year, and, if you hit the nail on the head, may even be a little impressed with your impeccable taste.

Your Siblings

You either love ‘em or you hate them! Either way, you’re going to get plenty of them this holiday season.

Regardless of whether or not they made your life miserable when you were younger (or still do…) you, unfortunately, need to get them a gift.

Unequivocally show them you’re the bigger person with one of the following prints curated by our very own team of style experts.

Does your brother or sister keep droning on and on about how throwing all of their Pokémon/Basketball/My Little Rainbow Shortcake/etc., memorabilia away has drastically improved their life? They may just be a bit of a minimalist.

If so, we recommend picking out prints with simple compositions, featuring clean lines or organic shapes. 

Show them that you ~get it~ with this uniquely stylized print of the Brooklyn Bridge provides plenty of architectural drama to an otherwise basic space:

Can’t be bothered to put much thought into it?

Opt for this perfectly tranquil coastal scene by Frederic Flanet full of smooth, rippling brushstrokes and complementary shades of blue. Perfect for as both a thoughtful gift to the seafarers in your life or to snub your bossy older sibling, this print is a safe last-minute choice that everyone’s sure to enjoy.

Does your sibling have a passion for fashion?

Instantly make it onto your sibling’s nice list and complement their aesthetic with this lovely lady by Mark Chandon is the perfect statement piece to brighten up spaces with lots of neutral tones and metallic or jewel-toned accents:

Have a sibling that’s a little more playful? 

Show off your sibling’s wild side with this fun tropical print that’s bursting with all the textures and colors of a real rain-forest with a little bit of added poppy flair:

Does your sibling love modern art?

Get them a unique piece that’s sure to simultaneously inspire them and awaken their inner Picasso:

Your Nieces, Nephews, & Little Ones

We’re going to assume that you’re looking for a little something extra to go with that great toy that you got them, otherwise, what are you doing picking out art for a kid????

Instantly become the favorite relative with these stylish prints and earn their parents’ admiration, or yours, for not adding more junk to the toybox! 

Know someone who’s a little sporty? 

Whether they can’t get enough of the great American pastime, or maybe they just started Little League, we’re certain they’ll love this ultra-cool print by The Vintage Collection:

Have a little engineer on your list?

This mock blueprint canvas will inspire, amaze, and intrigue their budding mind wherever it’s displayed:

Want to give a few words of encouragement?

This sweet canvas print is perfect for any younger family member’s room and is the perfect reminder at the end of a tough day:

Do they paw-sitively love animals?

You simply can’t go wrong with this darling kitten by Studio Arts:

That One Family Member That’s Impossible to Shop For

Have you checked everyone off your list except that special someone who’s a pain to shop for?

Canvas art is a versatile gift option that not only fits into everyone’s budget but also their style, and at Fine Art Canvas, we offer the gift that keeps on giving with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If they don’t love it, you have 90 days to return it for a free replacement or return.

Below are some of our favorite, crowd-pleasing prints to suit even the pickiest of family members!

Abstract art pieces are a safe bet when it comes to gifting art. They’re versatile and calming, which offsets multiple interior design styles. 

What’s better, you can find tons of abstract art focusing on different aspects of line, texture, shape, and color, all to suit the person you’re shopping for!

If you think they’ll appreciate something a little more finite, however, coastal or urban-inspired scenes are a great option. We love this desert oasis because it combines the best of both and because it’s full of highly saturated primary colors that have been on-trend not only in the interior design world but also going strong on everyone’s timelines. 

Our final recommendation is this gorgeous minimalist art print with a graphic black and white color palette. This bold canvas print is chock full of understated beauty and is sure to elevate any space to elegant heights.

Make someone special’s year with our incredible, high quality canvas prints that are sure to last for many years to come. This array of beautiful and thoughtful canvas prints will bring them lots of joy and put thoughts of you and a smile on their face whenever they see it.

Whatever you end up choosing to gift your loved ones, we’re certain they’ll love it. Remember: the holidays are a time for joy, peace, and happiness. It’s not about who can bring the biggest and best gifts or who spent the most money, it’s about sharing moments with the ones you love and spreading cheer to all. 

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